MINI GP On Its Way

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Following the release of the MkII version of the BMW MINI, the hottest version to date has been the 210bhp Works Cooper S. Now there’s going to be an even quicker MINI following the announcement of the 218bhp MINI GP.

The 2009 MINI GP (2005 model above) is due to be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, before going on sale in July 2009. Only 2000 will be made, of which 444 will be brought to the UK’s roads at an estimated cost of £22,000.

With a stripped out interior saving 40kg and 8bhp more than a standard Works Cooper S, the MINI GP will hit 62mph in just 6.5 seconds and carry on accelerating up to a maximum speed of 146mph. To help control the power there’ll be a limited-slip differential and Dynamic Stability Control fitted as standard.

The only problem is the choice of colour scheme – there’s only one, which is blue paint with a silver roof and red door mirrors. Hmm, nice.

Surprisingly, this hot MINI has only got 17bhp more than the electric MINI E, due to be unveiled soon at the LA Motor Show. Perhaps these new fangled electric cars have got a future after all.

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