Vauxhall Astra And Corsa VX Racing Limited Editions

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While the outcome of the 2008 BTCC manufacturers championship may have been something of a foregone conclusion, Vauxhall are still keen to celebrate their championship winning form with two special edition VXRs – the Corsa and Astra VX Racing.

Both cars take the standard VXR and add some visual tweaks. Available in either red or black, the VX Racing models are distinguished fromstandard VXRs by their tinted rear windows, gloss black door mirrors and rear diffuser, and a set of tasteful gloss black alloys (18-inch on the Corsa, 19-inch on the Astra).

Sadly there are no performance enhancements to go with the visual tweaks, but Vauxhall are showing uncharacteristic generosity in this time of desperate dealers by offering a Remus sports exhaust upgrade for just £720 instead of the normal £1000. That means an additional 20bhp and a much fruitier exhaust note, and is definitely worth the money.

Limited to a combined production run of just 888 units, the Corsa VX Racing costs £17,425 while the Astra VX Racing will set you back £21,445.

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