Volkswagen Polo Gets New Coilovers From KW Automotive

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The new VW Polo has only been on sale for ooh, about five minutes, but you can already go out and upgrade its suspension with a choice of three new kits from KW Automotive.

KW Coilover Suspension For VW Polo

The first and cheapest kit, Variant 1, features solid damping control the option to lower the ride height by anything between 35 and 65 millimetres. This basic version basic is zinc-plated and has stainless steel casing.

The Variant 2 kit adds adjustable rebound damping, allowing you to not only lower the Polo but also to make adjustments to the set-up to suit your driving style.

Finally, the Variant 3 kit is a based on technology used in motor sports and offers the best performance while maintaining some level of ride comfort. The separate and independently adjustable rebound and compression damping allows you to adjust the suspension to your exact requirements.

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