2016 Ford Focus RS – Video, Gallery & Stats

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Ford has today unveiled what is surely one of the most exciting cars of 2015 – the new Focus RS. It’s those two letters that are so significant here; RS models are historically the cream of the Ford crop, possessing huge performance which results in a thrilling driving experience.

Update: we now know the exact performance figures and price for the Focus RS. Follow this link to learn more.
2016 Ford Focus RS Revealed

2016 Ford Focus RS Revealed

Matching the thrill of the drive, RS models generally have a certain look about them. You’re always well aware of what you’re looking at, and the new Focus RS hasn’t broken with tradition. If a world championship rally car mated with an angry nightclub door attendant, the Focus RS is what would be produced. While it may look like pure theatre, Ford say the styling is there for a reason with aerodynamic improvements and cooling efficiency in the minds of their engineers.

Performance should be mighty with the new 2.3-litre ‘Ecoboost’ engine found in the new Mustang being upgraded to produce ‘in excess’ of 320bhp. The head gasket, cylinder heads, and turbo charger have all been upgraded specifically for the Focus RS, and it wouldn’t surprise us if the engine was producing far more power than the quoted figure.

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear

2016 Ford Focus RS Rear

To assist in putting that power onto the tarmac the Focus RS returns to an all-wheel drive system. The previous Focus RS garnered a little heat from RS fans for being front wheel drive, and it is perhaps the reversion to the all-wheel drive system that is the most exciting news about the car. Up to 70% of the drive torque can be directed to the rear axle, and word on the street is the car will be able to perform decent drifts out on the track. Ford has also worked hard on delivering an adjustable sports suspension for the car, which they claim will build on the already brilliant handling found in little brother ST.

As if all the engineering wasn’t enough, Ford brought in the undisputed King of hooning – Mr Ken Block – as a consultant on the RS. Anything Mr Block gets involved in tends to end up in a cloud of smoke – but in all the right ways. If he had a say in the driving characteristics, customers should expect a lot of fun behind the wheel. For the first time in RS model history those customers will come from all over the world, with the car being manufactured in Germany and shipped to all Ford markets across the globe.

While there’s currently no word on pricing for the new Focus RS, more details on the car are expected to be revealed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

2016 Ford Focus RS

Performance & Economy2016 RS2009 RS2010 RS500
Engine2.3-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbocharged petrol2.5-litre 5-cylinder turbocharged petrol
Transmission6-speed manual, front-engined, all-wheel drive6-speed manual, front-engined, front-wheel drive6-speed manual, front-engined, front-wheel drive
Power (PS / bhp)350 / 345300 / 295350 / 345
Torque (Nm / lb.ft)440 / 324\n(470 / 346 on overboost)440 / 324460 / 339
0 - 62 mph (seconds)
Top Speed (mph)165163165
CO2 Emissions (g/km)TBA225235
Combined Economy (mpg)TBA30.128.5
Price (OTR)£28,940£27,925£35,437

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