ABT Sportsline Release Upgrades For New Polo

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ABT Sportsline is using the Frankfurt Motor Show to attract some publicity to the work it’s been doing on the new Volkswagen Polo.

First up are the power upgrades, and ABT have been working on a large part of the Polo’s engine lineup. First of all they have upgraded the 1.6 TDI, increasing the 75bhp version up to 90bhp, the standard 90bhp engine up to 110hp, and the 105bhp model goes up to a healthy 130bhp.

ABT have also looked at the new 1.2-litre TSI petrol engine (a cracking little engine in standard tune) and increased it’s output from 105bhp to 130hp.

On the cosmetic side you can now order some styling upgrades for the Polo. A new set of 18-inch alloys are available, called ABT Z, and you can also choose mid-mounted double chrome tailpipes, a rear apron insert and a rear spoiler. ABT also recommends that buyers choose its new springs to improve the Polo’s handling.

Source: ABT

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