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by | May 17, 2012 | Seat | 0 comments

I do feel sorry for the SEAT Mii. While the almost identical Volkswagen up! is the centre of attention, the Mii is left in the corner of the room with no-one to talk to. Even the third member of the triplets, the Skoda Citigo, is enjoying more of the limelight than the shy little Mii.

SEAT Mii FR Line

SEAT Mii FR Line

So it’s encouraging to see that SEAT are giving the Mii an image boost in time for this year’s W├Ârthersee GTI festival, mecca for fans of all things to do with the VAG group.

This is the Mii FR Line concept, a pimped up version of the humble Mii that offers more than a hint of sporty aggression. Painted in a bright shade of Tornado Red, the Mii uses contrasting black to great effect to make this look every inch the pocket racer. Add a spoiler and black 16-inch wheels and you’ve suddenly got a car that looks very different in character. The colour theme continues on the inside with extremely red seats and dashboard covered in bold FR lettering.

SEAT Mii FR Line Interior

FR Line's interior not for the faint-hearted

Sadly that’s as far as it goes. Don’t expect a more powerful engine or sporty chassis tuning … not yet, at least. While there is currently no intention to make a faster Mii, the opportunity may arise if the Volkswagen up! GT proves to be a hit. Then we’ll have a Mii worthy of the FR badge.

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