Video:A Walk Around The Audi RS3

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We now know the specification for the upcoming Audi RS3, and now we can take a walkaround this hottest of hot hatches courtesy of this video from Audi.

Audi RS3

It’s a handsome looking car, with a purposeful stance thanks to its lowered suspension, wide wheelarches and 19-inch alloy wheels. There’s also that 336bhp, five cylinder, 2.5-litre engine beating away underneath the bonnet, although I don’t think this video really does it justice. I’d much rather hear it on a full throttle drive by, and hopefully Audi will oblige in a future video.

Bad news if you wanted a three door version of the RS3. The news from Audi is that it will be available as a 5-door Sportback only, the reason being that Audi think that anyone wanting a 3-door RS would simply buy a TT RS instead.

You’re also stuck if you want a manual transmission – the only choice is a seven-speed S-Tronic transmission, so if you’re not a fan of dual-clutch gearboxes you’d better look elsewhere.

Anyway, here’s the video.

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