Making The Wife Scream In A BMW M3

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Most men would probably agree that it’s not a good idea to bring your wife to work. Liri Farfus, wife of BMW DTM driver Augusto Farfus, would probably be inclined to agree after she joined her husband on a trip to the Nurburgring.

Augusto and Liri Farfus BMW M3

Augusto and Liri Farfus take a leisurely drive in a BMW M3

Waiting for them on the track was a camera-ridden BMW M3. You’d have thought that Mrs. Farfus would have sensed a setup at that point but with reassuring words from Augusto the couple set off on a lap of the ‘Ring. It won’t rank as one of Augusto’s fastest laps but he’ll remember it as one of his most noisy as Liri gets increasingly anxious.


As you watch the video you get the feeling that Augusto was really enjoying himself. Liri, on the other hand, clearly wasn’t.

Liri – “Are you being careful?”
Augusto – “I’m driving very slowly. There’s a MINI behind us. He wants to overtake, but we won’t let that happen!”

Liri – “Please Ninho, don’t jump. Don’t jump!”

Augusto – “In this corner was a crash in the 24-hour race!”
Liri – “No,  I don’t want to hear about it!”

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