Join Help For Heroes In Brands Hatch Time Attack

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Attack the Speed and Help our Heroes!

Help For Heroes

Visitor’s to this year’s Modified Live at Brands Hatch are being given the chance to experience for themselves what it feels like to race round the track at break neck speeds. The Time Attack teams are offering punters the chance to pay to go in one of their cars, with all the money raised going to Help for Heroes.

The highly tuned vehicles will have spent the day racing round the track after competing in the Time Attack Series – a speed challenge that pits the drivers against each other as they battle it out to get the fastest times possible.

Once that’s done the cars will hit the road again, but this time anyone can climb on board. Passengers will get to strap themselves in and hurtle round Brands Hatch at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour.

The idea was the brainchild of driver Jonathan Morris, he served with both the Black Watch Infantry and the Royal Logistics as a vehicle specialist. He says his passion for racing helped him cope with injury and PTSD, he now wants to support others who find themselves in similar situations and praises how H4H supports our service personnel.

And it’s not just Jonathan, the rest of his Time Attack team are also thrilled to be doing their bit for the military charity saying
“There’s no denying the passion for racing every Time Attack competitor has, but with so many others out there less fortunate than us it’s refreshing to see a whole series unite together and help those in need. Time Attack are proud to be supporters of the Help for Heroes charity, specifically setup to help soldiers and members of the armed forces in need of help who have served the country.”

If you want to have a go simply head to Modified Live at Brands Hatch on 8th July and ask the Time Attack team for more info.

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