British Type Rs To Satisfy Japanese Demand

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The European-spec 3-door Honda Civic Type R is set to be imported into Japan to satisfy growing demand for a hatchback version of the fast Civic.

Honda Civic Type R

The Japanese market only has the 4-door saloon Civic Type R to choose from, and demand for a hatchback has grown to such a point that Honda have taken the decision to import European-spec cars, built at Honda’s Swindon factory. The model will be called the Type R EURO so that it doesn’t get confused with the saloon model, although I’d have thought a quick glance at the two cars would make it easy to tell them apart.

And seeing as we’re in a sharing mood, how about sharing the 225bhp engine found in the saloon Civic and putting it into our 198bhp hatchback?

Source: Honda Press Release

European Manufactured Civic Type R to be Sold in JapanThe British-built Civic Type R will be exported to Japan from next year. The acclaimed 3-door hot hatch, manufactured at Honda’s factory in Swindon, England, is to be shipped to Japan where it will go on sale during 2010.

The model will be called the Type R EURO, to distinguish it from the Japanese-market 4-door Civic Type R saloon, and will be sold in limited numbers.

Japan is the third country outside Europe to import this high-revving hot hatch with the red ‘H’ badge, following Australia and South Africa. The demand for the European-produced car in Honda’s domestic market is testament to the dedication and skill of Associates at Honda’s largest European factory – the only production facility in the world that builds the Civic Type R 3-door.

Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) also builds the 5-door Civic, Civic Type S and CR-V for Europe and will start production of the Jazz, this Autumn.

Japan also imported the previous Swindon-built Civic Type-R (EP3 model) in 2001.

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