Buying A Car This Winter? Ignore The Used Market At Your Peril

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The used car market offers better quality than ever before, and respected car industry experts are also supporting this theory, claiming that used car buyers currently have the best options for buying a quality vehicle. Things are certainly changing in the world of car sales.

Used Cars

Improvements in new cars over the past few years has now seen these models beginning to crop up throughout the used car market, something which is only going to continue as time goes on. As new cars last longer, they hit the used car market in fantastic condition, and this is something that used car buyers should take advantage of. Certainly when buying a pre-owned car, it is worth going through a reputable used car dealer like Evans Halshaw, who will have a range of newer used vehicles at affordable prices.

Buying a car is a major investment, and one that isn’t going to be cheap. You want to know that the vehicle you buy is safe, reliable and fit for purpose. The good news is that you don’t have to opt for a new vehicle to expect all of this. Used cars are now much safer and longer-lasting than they ever used to be and some models in particular offer particularly significant value when purchased second hand.

Motoring journalist Neil Lyndon recommends the Kia Picanto for its reliability and long-lasting wear for its category. This model also makes a great choice for a smaller second hand family vehicle for these same reasons. Larger family vehicles, such as saloons, that got the second-hand car seal of approval include Ford Mondeo, which was praised for its quality build and “faultless” engine design. Safety and comfort measured up well in tests of popular second hand models.

With the economy causing consumers to tighten their belts, value for money is now the key selling point for many car buyers. And this is getting easier to find. Second hand vehicles provide quality models for affordable prices, and depletion of these cars is often very minimal.

It would seem that gone are the days when a second hand car was a financial gamble, and buying one meant dealing with a lot of repairs. The standard of everything from paintwork to engines means that generally, cars are now far more durable and are lasting well into their senior years.

Of course, where you buy your car makes a huge difference. As mentioned, purchasing from a reputable dealer is often the safest way to ensure that you are, in fact, getting a good quality second hand motor. Don’t buy from a private seller, or from the internet, as you never know what you’re getting, and guarantee of a reliable vehicle are almost zero. When spending as much as you do on a car, you don’t want to end up buying a dud. Especially not when the used car market is as strong as it is. You can, and should, expect to get a lot for your money now when buying a second hand vehicle.

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