Another Marina Dies For Clarkson’s Duel DVD

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Clarkson Duel Morris MarinaIf you’ve seen the last couple of series of Top Gear then you’ll know about the feud between the Top Gear boys and the Morris Marina Owners Club. We’ve seen two Marina’s sent to an early grave thanks to plummeting pianos, and now there’s been a third fatality – this time for the new Jeremy’s new DVD, Duel.

This time Jeremy decides that (for some unfathomable reason) the best way to test the gorgeous Aston Martin V12 Vantage is to put it in a 24-hour endurance race against a Morris Marina. So a beige Morris lines up at the start line with the Stig on board, the flag drops to start the race … and another one of those flying pianos just happens to fall out of the sky onto the Marina. The condition of the Stig is unknown.

So that’s another batch of threatening letters guaranteed from the Marina Huggers, I wonder how many Jeremy will receive from the Grand Piano Players Society.

I gather the fastest, best looking cars of 2009… and start a fight. Well, lots of fights actually. It’s all about challenges. Which is fastest? Which is the best drifter? Which will put the biggest grin on my face? – Jeremy Clarkson describes his Duel DVD

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Clarkson:Duel on DVD you can pre-order it now ready for release on November 2nd, or ask your children/wife/Santa to put it on your Christmas list.

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