Yellow Bird Returns In Faszination HD

by | Aug 1, 2013 | Video | 0 comments

Ruf CTR Yellow Bird laps the Nordschleife

Faszination. No, not a misspelling, but the title of one of the first and best Nordschleife videos to emerge on the internet.

Originally available on a VHS cassette (remember them?), Faszination shows off a tremendous display of driving on the limit. Stefan Roser takes the infamous RUF CTR ‘Yellow Bird’ onto the ‘Ring and occasionally manages to drive it in a straight line. The rest of the time he masterfully glides from apex to apex with the car in a perpetual state of oversteer.

No roll cage. No fireproof suit or racing gloves. No electronic gizmos to reign in the power of a heavily tuned twin-turbo 911. Just short sleeves, brown loafers and lightning reflexes.

Now one of the VHS tapes has found itself in the hands of Option Auto. The Japenese video wizards have dusted it off, digitally remastered the footage and uploaded to YouTube in glorious HD for us to enjoy all over again.

Watch and learn.

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