Ford Fiesta S2000 Prototype In Testing

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Ford’s M-Sport division are getting ready to deliver a new Fiesta-based S2000 rally car in time for the start of next year’s season.

Ford Fiesta S2000 Prototype

The first Fiesta S2000 prototype has been undergoing testing on an airfield in Cumbria, and while the checkered camouflage does nothing for the car’s looks the wider track is obvious. Under S2000 rules the Fiesta will be four-wheel drive but will not be turbocharged, although power is still expected to be around 270bhp.

The success of the Fiesta S2000 is doubly important because it will form the basis for Ford’s WRC competitor in 2011. Yes, that’s right, the Focus is being dropped in favour of the Fiesta thanks to changes in the WRC regulations.

“I have been delighted with how the build of the new Fiesta S2000 rally car has progressed according to the schedule that we laid out at the start of this project,” says M-Sport technical director Christian Loriaux. “This is a totally new car and the entire design and engineering team here have been very focused on providing both a reliable and very competitive car for our customers.

“A brand new rally car involves thousands of parts and making sure that they are all designed, manufactured and delivered on time is an incredible achievement and takes a lot of team work. Our production and purchasing departments have done a great job in supporting the design team and ensuring the car was completed on time.”

Ford Fiesta S2000 Prototype Rear

M-sport have got a lot of work to do before the Fiesta S2000 is homologated in January 2010, ready for competing in the Super 2000 Cup, but I’m sure they’ll make it in time.

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