Gran Turismo 5 Gets Bigger ‘Ring

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At the rate Polyphony Digital are going the Playstation 3 will have been replaced before Gran Turismo 5 hits the shops, but they continue to torment us by drip-feeding screenshots and previews of the game.

Gran Turismo 5 At Nurburgring

This time it’s the Nurburgring that they want to show off. GT5 will now boast three different versions of the Green Hell – the short Grand Prix course, the 13-mile Nordschleife, and the 24-hour course that includes both circuits.

Check out the screenshots and you can see how the level of trackside detail has been improved since GT4. Now we’ve got stands, boxes, tents, cars and spectators. Then there’s the cars, of course, and I swear they get better looking every time I see them.

When will we get to play GT5? God knows, but I’m seriously thinking of buying an Xbox 360 so that I can at least play Forza 3 while I wait.

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