Ken Block. On Fire. Ain’t Care!

by | Nov 16, 2012 | Motorsport, Video | 0 comments

There ain’t no smoke without fire and that’s completely true in this video where we see Ken Block’s car on fire. Yes, literally on fire.

Block had qualified his Ford Fiesta in first place of the SEMA round of the Global Rally Cross championship. He’d also got off to a good start, storming into the lead ahead of arch rival Tanner Foust. Things were looking good for Block and then the smoke started.

Ken Block On Fire
Ken … there’s something wrong with your car!

Being the fearless hoonigan that he is, he proceeded to carry on racing and maintain his lead even as smoke filled the cabin and flames started to flicker away right next to his leg. It was only when parts of the dashboard started to melt in the developing inferno that Block finally decided that it wasn’t worth going up in flames just to beat Tanner Foust.

Fearless racer or complete nutter?

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