Ken Block’s Gymkhana – The Infographic

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Ever wondered how many tyres Ken Block shredded while filming Gymkhana 4? Or how many views there have been of his entire series of videos? Then wonder no more because these questions, and many more you may never have thought of, have been answered in a fascinating infographic released by the team behind the Gymkhana videos.

If you want a lesson in how to make a truly viral video campaign then you should take some lessons from Ken Block. The success is astonishing, generating over 134 million views since the first video (Gymkhana Practise) was released in 2008. They have turned Ken Block and his company DC Shoes into a global brand, proving that you don’t have to ram your adverts down people’s throats to get them to buy your stuff. Just make it entertaining and the internet will spread your message for you.

First of all lets remind ourselves of what this Gymkhana phenomenon is all about:


Now marvel at the stats:

DC Shoes - Gymkhana Infographic

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