Lexmaul Kit For New Astra

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German tuner Lexmaul has a new aerodynamics kit for the latest Vauxhall Astra.

Lexmaul Astra

The front is modified with a new grille that has had the Vauxhall logo removed (I wonder what Vauxhall think about that) and can even be ordered in carbon fibre. The front spoiler has got new louvred corners, while the headlights get some eyebrow covers. Down the sides are some sill extensions, while at the rear is a new diffuser built into the bumper and a roof spoiler.

There are a number of exhaust upgrades to choose from, including a set of quad-pipes. You can also order a tasty set of rims from the Lexmaul catalogue, including 18, 19 or 20-inch designs.

The changes are limited to cosmetics for now, but in 2010 Lexmaul are promising a performance pack that will enable drivers to access up to 20% more engine power just by pushing a button.

Lexmaul Astra

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