Mégane Renaultsport 275 Cup-S Lowers Price

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Renault are set to make their all-conquering Mégane Renaultsport even more irresistible by introducing a new entry-level model, slashing the price to under £24k.

Megane Renaultsport 275 Cup-S Preview 09

Megane Renaultsport 275 Cup-S

The Renaultsport 275 Cup-S distills the Mégane’s essence into its purest form, ditching creature comforts in favour of the Cup chassis (usually a £1,350 option) and the same 275hp turbocharged petrol engine as the limited-edition 275 Trophy-R, and it’s all yours for just £23,935.

Personally I wouldn’t be satisfied with that. Having driven a Trophy-spec Mégane I’d have to add the optional Ohlins dampers. They may be expensive at £2,000 but they transform the ride, improving both body control and the Mégane’s ability to handle bumps and compressions. You’ve then got the best handling chassis in its class for less than £26k, less than the price of a 227bhp Golf GTI.

The headline figures can be a bit misleading though. In ‘normal’ mode the Megane’s turbocharged 4-cylinder engine develops 250hp at 5,500rpm. It’s only when you start playing around with the Renaultsport Dynamic Management system that you can unleash the full-fat 275hp. With peak power comes 360Nm of torque, covering the mid-range from 3,000 to 5,000rpm.

If the thought of a modern car without so much as air-conditioning puts you off then take a look at the other end of the Mégane spectrum. The new 275 Nav replaces the 265 Nav and represents the softer side of the Mégane’s character. For £25,935 you get the same engine and straight-line performance but sacrifice the Cup Chassis (still available as an option) for the slightly softer Sport setup and lots more toys in the cabin. It adds dual-zone climate, auto lights and wipers, R-Link V2 multimedia system with navigation, better sound system, keyless entry and tinted rear windows.

Both the 275 Nav and Cup-S are available to order now with deliveries starting in November.

2015 Mégane Renaultsport 275 Cup-S Specifications

Performance & Economy2015 M\u00e9gane Renaultsport 275 Cup-S2015 M\u00e9gane Renaultsport 275 Nav
Engine1,998cc turbocharged 4-cylinder, petrol1,998cc turbocharged 4-cylinder, petrol
Transmission6-speed manual, front-wheel drive6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (PS / bhp)279 / 275 at 5,500rpm279 / 275 at 5,500rpm
Torque (Nm / lb.ft)360 / 265 at 3,000-5,000rpm279 / 275 @ 5,500rpm
0 - 62 mph (seconds)6.06.0
Top Speed (mph)158158
CO2 Emissions (g/km)174174
Combined Economy (mpg)37.737.7
Kerb Weight (kg)1,3761,376
Insurance Group40E40E
Price (OTR)£23,935£25,935

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