New Driver Bans On The Increase

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Rules that mean new drivers get an automatic ban if they get six points on their license are now responsible for 1,200 ‘new’ drivers a month losing their license.

The worrying thing is that almost half of those drivers don’t go on to retake their test. So what are they doing – have they abandoned the hope of driving (unlikely) or have they instead decided to drive illegally without a license or insurance (far more likely)?

The rules state that new drivers only have to clock up six penalty points in the first two years to be stripped of their license, and that could happen with just two speeding tickets. According to the DVLA, since the law was introduced in 1997 over 154,000 motorists have had their licenses taken away. Of those drivers, over 72,000 have yet to retake their driving test so still have no valid license.

Drivers who lose their license in this way have retake the entire driving test, and that included theory exam. Assuming they then pass they will still have the points on their licence and that brings with it awkward and expensive questions from the insurance companies.

The DVLA could be running checks on these suspect drivers, such as finding out if they are still the registered keeper of a car. Are they doing it? No. Will they do it? Probably not.

If you are such a driver – there’s a reason you got six points on your license. Now get off the road and retake your test you dumba$$!

Source: Auto Express

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