Always Phone Around For Cheaper Parts

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Car dealers mystify me at times. Following problems with the front brakes on the family Mondeo, I’ve just phoned three local Ford dealers for a price. I also called an independent mechanic to make sure that I wasn’t being robbed by the dealers.

Ford Mondeo Brake Discs

The following prices all include VAT and fitment.

  • Dealer A – £232
  • Dealer B – £200
  • Dealer C – £139.25
  • Independent Mechanic – £140 upwards, depending on how much he can source the parts for

So, as you can see I’ve saved just under £100 having spent ten minutes on the phone. One weird thing is that dealer A and B are both part of the same group, so you’d have thought their prices would be the same.

Can you guess who I’m going to book the car into?

And yes, I should be prepared to have a go at this myself. If only I had the time.

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