Race A Scalextric GTI, Win A Real GTI

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To celebrate the arrival of the new Golf GTI, Volkswagen have setup an entertaining competition that pits you behind the wheel controller of a Scalextric GTI. Running around a mini slot-car track, the idea is to set a lap time under 45 seconds and then submit your name into a prize draw. The top prize – a new Golf GTI.

Project GTI

While setting a time under 45 seconds isn’t hard, beating the current top times will be! When I logged on the top time was 14 seconds and the best I could manage was 20.

If you’re really trying you’re bound to crash a few times, at which point a lab-coated scientist will pick up your car, dust it off and place it back on the track.

You can play the GTI Project by going to gtiproject.com.

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