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Racing in Slow Motion IV – Remastered

It’s not very often that a motorsport video gives me goosebumps but that’s exactly what slow-motion obsessive Mattzel89 has done with the fourth in his series of videos. Racing In Slow Motion IV is a sixteen minute masterpiece featuring more gorgeous footage from the archives of Formula 1, WRC, Nascar, IndyCar,V8 Supercars, Isle of Man TT and many more.

Racing In Slow Motion 4
Racing In Slow Motion 4

This time Mattzel has gone even further back in time and brought us some choice pieces from the earliest days of motorsport, as well as some of the heroes from the 50s through to the present day, all stitched together with editing skills I can only dream of possessing.

Not only is the editing absolutely spot on, Mattzel has done another superb job of picking the music. It was a good few seconds before I recognised the second piece – Giles Lamb’s haunting theme tune from the gore-splattered trailer for Dead Island. Following that are instrumental pieces from Steve Jablonsky and Thomas Bergersen.

If you liked this you can find the first three videos (and more) on the Racing In Slow Motion YouTube channel. If you didn’t … there’s something wrong with you.

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