Renault Twingo Gordini 100 – Same Frills, Less Thrills

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What’s that humming sound? Oh, it’s OK, it’s just 1950’s tuning legend Amédée Gordini spinning in his grave.

The Gordini resurrection has been something of a disappointment for fans of hot Renaults. Rather than introduce a range of faster, leaner hot hatchbacks Renault instead decided to offer fatter, higher-specced models that stuck two fingers up at Amédée Gordini’s tuning work.

Renault Twingo Gordini 100

So far we’ve had the Clio 200 Gordini and the Twingo 133 Gordini, both being more luxurious than the Renaultsport models they are based on but offering the same mechanicals. Now there’s a third entry in the Gordini line-up, and this one’s even more of a betrayal of the Gordini name – the new Twingo Gordini 100.

Based on the non-Renaultsport GT-spec Twingo, the Gordini 100 uses a 1.2-litre engine to squeeze out 100bhp. Underneath you get the GT chassis with stiffened springs, better than the standard Twingo but a far cry from the Cup chassis fitted to the Renaultsport model.

Other than that the Gordini recipe remains the same – blue, black or white paintwork with contrasting stripes, gloss black trim and colour-coded inserts inside. Standard kit includes a 4x20W RDS radio with single CD MP3 player, Bluetooth, audio input, air conditioning, 15-inch Turini alloy wheels with polished face and black inserts, cruise control, speed limiter and electric windows.

On the bright side that little engine will help to make the Twingo more insurable for young drivers, and will cut fuel and road tax costs.

At a price of £11,395 (based on VAT at 20%) the Twingo Gordini hasn’t got a lot of direct competition, although the entertaining Fiat Panda 100HP matches it almost exactly on price and power. But really, is this what Amédée Gordini would have wanted?

Renault Twingo Gordini 100

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