NSFW – How To Sell Boring Stuff On Ebay

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Ebay is a crowded place these days, and if you’re a business trying to make a living you need to find a way to make your auctions stand out from the crowd. One enterprising seller has found a great way of brightening up the auctions of his carbon fibre bonnets. They’re not exactly the most stimulating of things to buy at the best of times, so why not stick some pert buttocks in front of them and see if that helps them sell?

If you look really carefully at the picture below you might be able to make out the vague outline of the bonnet for a  BMW 3-series:

Ebay Carbon Fibre Bonnet

Here are some close-ups of the bonnet. Notice the carefully crafted weave in the carbon fibre? Nope, I didn’t either.

Ebay Carbon Fibre Bonnet 2

LOL! Hell, I’d be tempted to buy that even though I don’t own a BMW! At the very least you’d want to carry out a careful inspection of the goods before buying.

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