Video: Great New Ad For Skoda Fabia vRS

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While the majority of car adverts come across as dull (most recent Ford adverts) or just full of pretentious bollocks (Mercedes, I’m thinking of you here) there are a few ads that stand out. One such advert is the latest campaign from Skoda for the new Fabia vRS.

Skoda Fabia vRS Advert

Remember the original advert for the current Fabia, the one where they made a full-size replica from cake and jelly? Well, the Fabia vRS is made of meaner stuff! Set in a secret section of the Skoda factory, the liquorice, treacle and jelly vehicle components make way for a bone chassis, a snake-powered engine and some unorthodox finishing techniques.

The new ad is expected to be all over our TV screens over the next few weeks and, in this age of the internet, there’ll be a new website. Keep an eye out for it on Facebook and Youtube too.

Just to remind you, here’s the old advert. Bet you feel hungry when you’ve finished watching it!

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