Suzuki’s Limited Edition Swift Sport SZ-R

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Are red roofs the new fashionable accessory? We’ve had a lot of white ones, quite a few black ones, chequered ones and even the odd pink one but the Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R is the second special edition within a month to proudly wear a red roof.

Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R

Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R

The last one was the Citroen DS3 Red and that came with a choice of black or white bodywork but the Swift SZ-R comes in one shade only – metallic Cosmic Black. To go with the Ablaze Red roof are matching spoiler and wing mirrors and SZ-R badges on the B-pillars. There’s a numbered plaque on the door sill and some red stitching on the seats but apart from that you’re looking at a standard Swift Sport.

Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R

Under the red roof sits a Swift Sport

Not that a standard Swift Sport is a bad thing. Quite the contrary, it’s actually a very good thing as we discovered when we drove it last year. 17-inch wheels, dual exhausts, a lively 136bhp 1.6-litre engine and snappy 6-speed manual gearbox. It really is a playful little thing.

Suzuki Swift Sport SZ-R

Badges on B-pillars identify the SZ-R

Equipment remains the same too. HID projector headlights, Bluetooth, climate control, cruise … the only thing missing is sat-nav.

If you like the look of the Swift Sport SZ-R you’d better be quick – there are only 100 on sale priced at £14,249, just £500 more than a standard Sport.

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