Teaser Image For Renaultsport Megane R26-R

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With the British Motor Show due to start tomorrow, Renault have leaked a couple of images of their upcoming RenaultSport Megane R26-R ahead of the car’s official unveiling at the show.

Renaultsport Megane R26.R

Renault previews the Megane R26.R

Little more than an outline, the images do at least show a couple of interesting features of the new car. One is the obvious presence of a rollcage in place of the rear seats, so there’ll be little chance of fitting baby seats in the rear of this hatchback!

Also, you might be able to make out a familiar image in the rear window. Yes, the R26-R is showing off its Nurburgring testing regime by including a sticker of the infamous track. Rumours are that the R26-R has performed the fastest lap of the Nurburgring by a front-wheel drive production car, clocked at 8:12, so why not shout about it?

Expect more details and pictures to emerge this week, along with the other major hot hatch star of the British Motor Show, the Focus RS.

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