Top Gear Series 18 Trailer

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Crikey, would you believe that ‘new’ Top Gear is almost ten years old? Ten years of car-based tomfoolery that still provides the BBC with some of its biggest viewing figures.

Top Gear Series 18

After every series there’s always talk of it being the last, that’s it, no more Clarkson. Despite his recent efforts to get himself kicked out of the BBC Jeremy is still keen to do more, along with Richard and James. As the trailer below proves.

We’re now on to series 18 and the formula remains unchanged. There’s a trip to Italy with three supercars, namely a Noble M600, McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Aventador. Richard is off to try something dangerous (NASCAR), James is playing around in an aeroplane, there’s going to be a race of some sort with a flying man and Jeremy is going to destroy some caravans. We get to meet another of Stig’s relatives, there’s a Jaguar XF, various Mercedes, a flying Ford Focus (?), lashings of tyre smoke … you know what to expect.

Top Gear will be back for series 18 on Sunday 29th January in its usual 8pm slot. Let’s hope it isn’t as disappointing as the recent India special.

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