Twin-Engined VW Lupo? A Lupo W12?

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Remember the little Volkswagen Lupo? From ’99 to ’05 it was a fairly popular city car that would barely register on a petrolhead’s radar, with the exception of the highly entertaining 123bhp Lupo GTI. So what would happen if you squeezed a 24-valve V6 under the tiny bonnet of a Lupo? It’d be quick, sure, but what about sticking another V6 in the boot? A crazy idea, but the results are fantastic.

Check out the vids of this tiny monster, developed by Croatian VW fanatic Petar Biocic. Boasting 12 cylinders from its pair of 2.8-litre VR6 engines, this super-Lupo is rated at 500bhp and weighs around 1,000kg. Yes, that’s roughly 500bhp/ton, meaning this Lupo could see off some much more exotic machinery.

Source: WorldCarFans

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