Uninsured Drivers To Have Cars Crushed

by | Sep 4, 2008 | Insurance | 0 comments

It seems unlikely, but the government have had a good idea that could benefit a lot of motorists. They are set to launch a crackdown on uninsured drivers this autumn that it hopes will help cut premiums for other motorists.

At the moment you can only be charged with being uninsured if you’re caught driving the car on the road. By introducing a new crime of keeping an uninsured car the police will be able to cross-check the DVLA database and insurance companies databases to find cars that aren’t covered. Offending owners will first receive a warning letter, then face a £100 fine and finally they could have their car taken away and crushed.

Seems like a bloody good idea to me. All legitimate motorists pay an additional £30 on the average insurance premium, and that really bugs me. If you can’t afford to insure the car you shouldn’t have it. So at least now the Police might actually be able to do something about it.

Source: 4Car

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