Vauxhall Teases With Faster Astra VXR

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Vauxhall | 0 comments

This is the first official image of one of Vauxhall’s stars for the Geneva Show. It’s the new Astra VXR EXTREME (capitals provided by Vauxhall) and it’s planned to be go into production in very limited numbers.


What you’re looking at is a road-legal version of last year’s Astra Cup race car that competed in the Nürburgring Endurance Championship, and it promises to be quicker, lighter and much more focused than the current Astra VXR.

Carbon components will be used to lower weight, while an integrated safety structure and proper racing seats with six-point harnesses will leave drivers in no doubt that this is a hot hatch designed for track days. A quad-exit exhaust adds to the visual drama and hints at a louder soundtrack.

Let’s not forget, the Astra VXR already produces 280PS and 400Nm of torque, so the prospect of even more power is very appealing indeed. How much is unknown at this point but expect 300PS to be a minimum, but we should hear more about that in the next month or so.

2014 also marks the tenth anniversary of the VXR brand. We Brits are the biggest market in Europe, with the Astra being the most popular model in the lineup.




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