Rumour Mill – Volkswagen Preparing Estate Golf R

by | May 20, 2014 | Volkswagen | 0 comments

Are Volkswagen planning to bring us an estate version of the Golf R? There’s a lot to be said for a fast estate, as Audi and AMG have proved for many years now, so the thought of a big-booted version of the Golf R makes sense to me. After all, Ford have enjoyed some success with the estate version of the Focus ST.

This footage of an estate Golf testing on the Nordschleife shows that Volkswagen is at least giving the idea some serious thought. It’s certainly quick too and seems to be giving the hatchback version of the Golf R a good run.

Whether or not we would ever get to see it is a different matter. First of all it’s got to make it into production, then Volkswagen UK have to see a big enough market to justify bringing it over here. If you like the idea maybe now is the time to start pestering your local dealer.

UPDATE – another estate test mule has been seen, this time in black. Looks like Volkswagen are serious about it.

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