Xmas Cheer With New Golf Headlights

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With Christmas rapidly approaching it’s time to start thinking about dragging the tree and lights down from the loft. It looks like the designers at Volkswagen have been thinking along the same lines, as you can now dress your Golf up like a Christmas tree thanks to a set of LED running lights built into the headlights.

Volkswagen Golf VI LED Headlights

The fifteen LED bulbs act as daytime running lights (DRL) and are permanently on, enhancing the visibility of your car during the day and improving your safety. Of course, such safety features cost money and to get the LEDs you have to upgrade to bi-xenon headlights, an £1,1100 option on the GTI.

They certainly make that set of Philips aftermarket LED lights seem like a good buy.

Volkswagen Golf VI LED Headlights

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