Up! Means Down For Insurance Costs

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The cost of motoring is becoming an increasing problem for new drivers and one of the biggest hurdles is the cost of their car insurance. The price of a policy for a new driver can easily stretch into the thousands of pounds, even when the car is worth much less than that, so finding an insurance-friendly car is a must.

There are a number of factors considered when calculating an insurance premium but one of the most important is the car itself, specifically which insurance group it falls into. There are fifty insurance groups in total, with 1 being the cheapest and 50 the most expensive. So if they want the price of their car insurance to go down a new driver needs to pick a car from a low group – a car such as the new Volkswagen up!.

Volkswagen up!

The insurance ratings for the new up! have just been announced and the entry level 1.0-litre Take model fits into the lowest group, 1E. That means the insurance costs will be as low as possible for a new car and on average the up! range is two groups lower than its competition. With an on-the-road price of just £7,995 the up! is also cheap to buy so it would be a great starter for a new driver.

Just because the up! is small doesn’t mean potential buyers have to worry about safety. It recently scored a full five stars in the Euro NCAP crash tests and comes loaded with safety kit including ABS with hydraulic brake assist, driver and front passenger airbags, side and thorax/head airbags for front-seat occupants and ESP on all but the base model.

There’s even an option that is a first for its class and that helps the up! to achieve its low insurance rating. A city emergency braking system is part of an optional driver’s assistance pack, a system that reduces the chances of the car being involved in minor accidents by stopping automatically if it thinks a collision is imminent. Less chance of an accident means less chance of a claim, lowering the risk to the insurer.

Volkswagen are also offering their three-year/60,000-mile fixed price servicing plan for just £299. That option really is a no-brainer because it saves on the cost of individual services while also keeping that all-important main dealer stamp in the service history.

When all is considered the up! represents a great way for a young driver to get behind the wheel. With a reduced cost for their comprehensive car insurance, the promise of decent fuel economy aand low purchase and servicing costs, they won’t find a much cheaper way of buying and running a new car.

The up! is available to order now, with the first customer deliveries starting in March 2012.  For more information on the Volkswagen up! range visit www.volkswagen.co.uk.

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