Thorney Motorsport Vauxhall Corsa VXR-S and VXR-R

Alongside the Astra VXR-S and VXR-R, Thorney Motorsport have announced two tuned versions of the Astra’s little brother – the Corsa VXR-S and Corsa VXR-R.

Thorney Corsa VXR-S

Thorney’s Vauxhall Corsa VXR-S

The range works the same as for the Astra, so the VXR-S is the ‘sport’ version and the VXR-R the ‘racing’ version. The recipe is largely the same, so the Corsa VXR-S upgraded brake pads front and rear to improve stopping power, while the handling is improved by fitting uprated springs that lower the ride height by 30mm. The Corsa VXR-S gets the same Thorney Motorsport 18-inch lightweight alloys as well as the 225/40YR18 Dunlop SportMaxx tyres. Power on the VXR-S is up by 15% to 220bhp with 250lb.ft of torque thanks to a Milltek race exhaust and a TMS Stage 2 remap.

Thorney Corsa VXR-R

Thorney’s Vauxhall Corsa VXR-R

Stepping up to the Corsa VXR-R gives race suspension with where can i buy klonopin online uprated springs and dampers and a 40mm lower ride height. A limited-slip differential is fitted, as on the Astra VXR-R, so expect impressive cornering abilities. The brakes are also upgraded with 4-piston racing calipers and uprated pads all round.

0-60 mph5.8 sec5.4 sec
Top Speed150 mph160 mph
Power220 bhp230 bhp
Torque250 lb.ft260 lb.ft

The power increase comes from a Milltek Sport exhaust, a front-mounted intercooler and a TMS Stage 3 engine remap. This pushes power up to 230bhp and torque to 260lb.ft. The lightweight 18-inch wheels are carried over to the VXR-R but this time are wrapped by Dunlop SportMaxx Ultra Performance tyres.

The VXR-S can be spotted by the red lip on the alloys while the VXR-R gets a green lip around the alloys. Both cars feature special badges, a numbered plaque and ownership certificate, and with only 25 of car being built they will be a rare site on the road.

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