Mountune Fiesta MR155

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Mountune have been enjoying some success with their 140bhp upgrade for the Mk7 Fiesta’s 1.6-litre engine, but now there’s even more power on offer thanks to a new upgrade kit.

Mountune Ford Fiesta 155

The Mountune Fiesta MR155 pushes the 1.6 Ti-VCT up to 155PS at 6,700rpm and 180Nm of torque at 5,000rpm. That extra power drops the 0-62mph to 7.5secs, a big improvement on the 9.9secs of the stock Fiesta.

The MR155 kit is much more than a reprogrammed ECU. The ECU does get updated, of course, but there are new billet camshafts, a modified high-flow twin-feed air induction system, a high performance exhaust system including high-flow catalyst and tubular manifold and either 1 or 2 new Hego (Heated Exhaust Gas Oxygen) sensors (depending on model).

The Fiesta 155’s engine upgrade is designed to be installed by Mountune PRO Ford Dealers who have the right diagnostic equipment to reprogramme the ECU, as well as experience with Mountune’s variuos road products.

Sadly, unlike the MR140 upgrade, this kit invalidates the powertrain section of the Ford warranty, but the remaining bits of the original will still be covered. Of course, like all aftermarket upgrades this will have no effect on your road tax as it’s fitted after vehicle registration.

The Fiesta 155PS kit can be fitted to any 1.6 Ti VCT Mk7 Fiesta, new or used, and has a minimum 12 months/12,000-mile warranty without affecting the base vehicle warranty (excluding the powertrain portion). The only catch – it costs £1749, including the dreaded VAT but excluding fitting.

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