Sportec Boost Golf’s 1.4 TSI

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The Volkswagen Golf has always been a popular car with tuners, and the Golf MkVI is proving to be just as popular. Now Sportec, a Swiss tuning company, have decided to join in the fray by releasing the SC 200, a Golf that uses a modified version of the 1.4-litre TSI engine.

Sportec SC 200

In standard form the turbocharged and supercharged 1.4-litre TSI produces 158bhp and 177lb.ft and is good for 0-62mph in 8.0 seconds and a top speed of 137mph. With Sportec’s help the engine now produces 198bhp and 222lb.ft, with peak power available from just 1,800rpm through to 3,000rpm. That’s actually more torque than the new Golf GTI with ‘only’ 207lb.ft.

This knocks 1.4 seconds off the 0-62mph time (just 6.8 seconds) and is also claimed to reduce the 0-180kmh time (112 mph) by 3.2 seconds. The new top speed isn’t quoted, and Sportec point out that you’ll need to use premium unleaded once the engine has been modified.

The upgrade is available through Automotive Performance Services (APS), the UK distributor for Sportec. It can be fitted and road tested for just £550, which is not a bad price when you consider that you’ll be getting similar performance from an £18,600 Golf GT to what you would get from the £22,415 Golf GTI.

If you’re interested in further upgrades, APS Sportec offer sports exhausts, new springs for better handling, brake upgrades and styling accessories.

Source: APS Sportec

Press Release

Automotive Performance Services (APS) Ltd, UK importer for the Swiss based Sportec range of vehicle performance enhancements, is pleased to announce the launch of a new Stage 1 ECU upgrade package for the latest version of the 1.4 – liter TSI MkVI Volkswagen Golf GT.

In standard form the turbo / supercharged 1.4 – liter TSI Volkswagen Golf MkVI GT produces a respectable 160bhp and 177lb.ft of torque, enough to merit ‘warm hatch’ status, but not to really excite.

Sportec’s careful recalibration of the fuel, ignition timing and boost pressure settings via an extensively proven ECU remap sees power output leap to 200bhp at 5000rpm and 211lb.ft of torque at 1800rpm, delivering marked performance improvements which greatly increase the driver enjoyment of the smaller engined Volkswagen Golf.

For example, the TSI’s 0-100 kmh (0-62mph) acceleration time is reduced from 8.2 to 6,8 seconds, while the 0-180 kmh (111mph) time arrives 3.2 seconds earlier.

By comparison the new range topping MkVI Volkswagen Golf GTi produces 207bhp and 207lb.ft, which highlights the effectiveness of Sportec’s work, as this cost effective upgrade transforms the performance of the turbo / supercharged 1.4 –liter TSI variant into a true small engined ‘hot hatch.’ Emissions compliance is retained, as is the 1.4-litre TSI’s excellent fuel consumption, which increases slightly from 44.8mpg to 42mpg, although the conversion does require the use of higher octane Super Unleaded fuel.

Suitable for both six speed manual and seven speed DSG versions of the MKVI TSI GT, the Sportec Stage One conversion is available now from UK Sportec importer APS, priced at £550.00 including installation, road testing and VAT @ 15%.

A full range of Sportec Volkswagen Golf MKVI performance and styling enhancements, including exhausts, suspension and braking components, is now available and is showcased on Sportec’s SC200 1.4 TSI demonstrator car.

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