Abt Give Golf GTI VI 260BHP … Or 300 BHP!

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It was just a matter of time before German tuner Abt Sportline released a tuning kit for the MkVI Golf GTI. However, they’ve done more than release a quick power upgrade and have actually produced two separate upgrades – one for 260bhp, the other giving a Focus RS -rivalling 300bhp.

The 260bhp ABT Power kit uses a new ECU and sports exhaust to increase power from the standard car’s 211bhp. The ABT Power S kit takes this a step further by fitting a new turbocharger, releasing all 300bhp to dramatic effect. The 0-62mph time drops to just 6.0 seconds, beating the standard Golf GTI by almost a second.

On top of the mechanical upgrades you can also choose Abt’s new suspension and brake kits, as well as a choice of 18-inch or 19-inch alloy wheels. A new body kit is available, which includes a new front lip, grille, LED running lights, side skirts and rear bumper.

Prices start at €1,680 for the 260bhp kit up to €5,300 for the 300bhp kit (both include fitting and TUV registration for the German market). The bodykit costs €3,276 but will cost an additional €1,080 to fit and €1170 to paint.

Source: Abt Sportsline

Official press release:

The matchless Golf – ABT’s new GTI

ABT Sportsline has now been customising vehicles for five decades – and right on time for the Anniversary, the Allgäu Company is presenting the new, sixth GTI. Sporty and fast “Golfs” in particular have carried these three letters since 1976. ABT was the place to go for everyone who wanted even more dynamic and driving fun from the very beginning. The latest generation of the compact sports car also bears the magic abbreviation, and of course it is now available in a breathtaking ABT version. The engine output is impressive, because due to optimized engine management (ABT POWER), the standard 210 HP (154 kW) become a dynamic 260 HP (191 kW). ABT POWER S makes the GTI even hotter: a new turbocharger, „Made in Kempten”, is used additionally in this case. The 2.0 TSI then has an output of a sporty 300 HP (221 kW) and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in around six seconds. Thanks to ABT chassis springs, the GTI’s centre of gravity is located a good 30 mm lower, so the Über-Golf can be driven even more sportily. The chassis setting, which was designed by Christian Abt, is especially good fun on winding roads. And in the extreme case, the powerful ABT braking system also kicks in.

But an ABT Golf GTI is not only a hot piece of sports equipment for the road, it also looks like one: the bodywork package that designers have created underlines the car’s pure dynamics: no matter how you look at the GTI, it is always impressive. Rear spoiler and rear apron superstructure, side mouldings, front grill and apron as well as the diagonal 4-pipe exhaust system form one unit. ABT engineers also designed a front lip, which provide s a power-performance in combination with the front apron and the new ABT Daytime Running Lamp. The equally elegant as expressive colouring matches this: the paintwork in carbon steel grey metallic harmonises perfectly with side mouldings and front lip in the contrast colour red. The design also continues consistently in the interior, for all screens, the ornamental rings of the combination instrument and the steering wheel panels are painted in the signal tone. One look at the Allgäu sports car will tell you that it’s more than a “normal” Golf GTI – and consequently the sixth variation of the fast compact car with the large tailgate is steeped in the best tradition. Namely, its five predecessors also became powerful Golfs at ABT. ABT and GTI: these six letters have simply belonged together for 33 years.

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