Alfa Romeo MiTo Imola Edition

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The Alfa Romeo Mito Imola is going to be a rare sight on our roads, and I mean really, really rare. First, Alfa are only going to build 150 Imola editions and second, they’re all destined to reach Japan this November.

This gorgeous little MiTo is painted in Imola Yellow and is decked out with some very nice 18-inch wheels covering red brake calipers. The final touch is some chromed wing mirror caps to help the Alfa spotters distinguish them from lesser MiTos. On the inside you’ll find special Pelle Frau leather, flott mats with Imola Yellow accents, and a small ‘Imola’ plaque on the dashboard.

Nice, isn’t it? Makes you wonder what we have to do to get such a limited edition here in the UK.

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