Popping Balloons With An Alfa MiTo

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Here’s a great publicity stunt from Alfa Romeo. Take one Alfa Romeo MiTo, stick a professional driver behind the wheel, present him with over 2,500 water-filled balloons and simply tell him to pop ’em!

Alfa Romeo MiTo Aquabatic

That’s the basis for Alfa Romeo’s attempt at a new world record. The car is the range-topping MiTo Cloverleaf, a small and nimble 170bhp hot hatch with a top speed of 136mph. The driver is Terry Grant, a professional stunt driver who can already lay claim to 19 world records. The venue was the infield at Rockingham, leaving plenty of space for practice runs.

The idea is simple. Pop as many balloons as possible with one car but leave four balloons untouched. Why four? Because then you can have a competition where four winners can enjoy an Alfa Romeo track day at Goodwood.

The competition can be entered on Alfa’s Facebook page. The balloons, arranged to form Alfa Romeo’s logo, are pictured in a grid. You simply pick an empty grid slot and if one of the remaining balloons falls into your square you win a place on the track day. I’ve already entered, so please forgive me if I don’t wish you good luck.

The stunt was filmed with a Red Epic camera, capable of recording at 300 frames per second in gorgeous IMAX resolution. The results are stunning, as the video below shows:

Alfa Romeo have submitted details of their attempt to Guinness and it is expected to be announced as a World Record shortly.

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