Astra Sport Hatch Shaping Up Nicely

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Although we’ve only seen a design sketch of the 3-door version of the new Vauxhall Astra, it’s looking like the final production version is going to be a bit of a stunner.

Vauxhall Astra Coupe

Official details are limited, but the sketch suggests that the sport hatch will feature aggressive styling and LED daytime running lights, with suitably chunky alloys. However, with this being just a sketch you cold dismiss it as wishful-thinking by the designer. Not so, says Malcolm Ward, the man who drew that sketch. He says “It will be a very dramatic execution and very, very close to the sketch. Think about the current three-door then think about where the new car will go.”

One thing that Vauxhall are focusing on is aerodynamics. Having spent over 600 hours in the wind tunnel the new Astra is more slippery than the outgoing model, bringing benefits in both fuel economy and a potentially higher top speed.

The launch of the sport hatch is expected in 2011 and you can expect a similar engine lineup to the 5-door hatch, with a range-topping 180bhp 1.6-litre as well as a 160bhp diesel. The sport hatch will eventually spawn the version that all hot hatch fans area waiting for, the new Astra VXR, but sadly there are no details yet. Just don’t expect to see it until 2012.

Source: Autocar

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