Insurance Policy Aimed At ‘Ring Drivers

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If you’ve ever taken the plunge and driven on the Nurburgring in your own car, you may be surprised to know that your insurance wasn’t covering you.

Nurburgring Crash

Despite the Nurburgring being classed as a public toll road by German authorities, British insurers class it as a racetrack and so don’t cover any accidents that might occur on it. Most policies exclude the Nurburgring by name – check your policy and you’ll probably find it mentioned somewhere (my current Admiral policy does).

It’s not just your car that you’ll have to pay for either. If you’re unlucky enough to cause any damage to the track, such as wiping out a few metres of crash barrier, you’ll be expected to pay up in full for that damage before you’re allowed to leave the circuit. This has led to some awkward moments for Brits as they try to gather up the necessary funds to cover any track damages, as well as vehicle recovery and any track cleaning and closure fees.

Now ‘Ring specialists NurburgMotorsport have teamed up with Allianz insurance to offer a policy that will cover you for any damages to the track. For £99 you can get a day’s policy for a maximum of eight laps that covers damages to the Northloop, personal accident and recovery (within monetary limits). There are other exclusions contained in the policy and it currently does NOT include damages to your vehicle or other 3rd parties. The only condition is that you have your car checked over by NurburgMotorsport before you hit the track, at an additional cost of 35 Euros.

Sounds like a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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