Blyton Park On the Up

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As the motorsport calendar draws to a close for the winter Richard Usher and the team at Blyton Park must be looking back over their first full season with a great sense of accomplishment.

Since its official opening on May 4th 2011 Blyton Park has seen over 25,000 visitors arrive at its gates for all manner of sprint races, track days and driver tuition events. With over two miles of fresh tarmac laid over the old runways of RAF Blyton the circuit is proving to be increasingly popular, not least because of the big run-off areas that keep expensive accidents to a minimum!

Blyton Park Circuit MX-R Record Attempt

Over 300 Mazda MX-5s took to the Blyton Park circuit

Although not officially licensed as a race circuit, sprint races, Blyton Park has hosted a wide range of events that have seen all manner of cars appear on its tarmac. Blyton has seen golden oldies in the form of over 100 pre-war cars on ‘The Flying Scotsman’ Classic Trial; there was a slice of F1 history as the first ever Brabham Formula One Car took to the track; and the latest supercars visited in the shape of the McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458 Italia. In July the circuit saw over 300 Mazda MX-5’s set a new world record for the number of convertible cars on a circuit.

The circuit is also starting to gain interest with manufacturers and racing organisations such as Audi UK, Mazda Europe and Caterham, who have used the track for engineering work and vehicle evaluation.

Blyton Park United Autosports McLaren MP4-12C

United Autosports McLaren MP4-12C visited Blyton Park

Commenting on the last 16 months, Richard Usher, entrepreneur and long-serving car fanatic, said “We have been delighted by the incredibly positive response which Blyton Park has received both from individuals and large organisations, as well as in the Press. This has enabled us to continue investing in the facility which has had a positive effect on the local economy as well as completely re-invigorating a site which was slipping into a state of post-war dereliction and neglect.”

Here’s hoping that Blyton Park enjoys continued success in 2013.


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