BMW Demos Self-Drifting M235i

by | Jan 8, 2014 | BMW | 0 comments

There are two things of note in this technology demo from the 2014 CES show. The first is the appearance of the lightly camouflaged M235i, a compact saloon that shares a few oily bits with the rather excellent M135i. This is a car that promises to be exceedingly good fun.

Second is the fact that BMW have now made a self-drifting car. A car that can go sideways all on its own. Where’s the fun in that?

Admittedly the technology is very impressive. The M235i rips through the slalom course at impressive speed and the fact that it’s happy to go sideways on a wet track is to be applauded. But really, why would you want this? If I wanted to go sideways it would have to as a result of my input, not being flung around from side to side at the whim of a computer.

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