Video: BMW’s Ultimate Race Track

by | Jul 30, 2014 | BMW, Video | 0 comments

It was just last week that the Royal Navy retired its only active aircraft carrier, HMS Illustrious. ‘Lusty’, as she’s affectionately known by her crew, has been in service since 1982 when she was immediately called into action in the Falklands conflict. With her replacement, HMS Queen Elizabeth, still in construction our only active aircraft carrier is now parked up in Portsmouth where she may become little more than a floating visitor attraction.

However, this video from BMW Canada suggests that the old girl could go on to enjoy a more varied career. How about copying BMW’s idea and converting her deck into a race track? You could let all manner of foolhardy drivers loose above the waters of the English Channel. As long as they bring their own wetsuit.

Jaguar get their knuckles rapped for daring to imply the F-Type coupĂ© is quicker than your average car but BMW Canada don’t have to worry about any silliness from the Advertising Standards Agency. The result is a slick promo for the M4 that clearly demonstrates that it’s quick, sounds great and is perfect for power-sliding around an aircraft carrier deck.

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