Budget 2009

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Sigh. Another budget, another kick in the gonads for British motorists.

This time round we have had the fuel duty escalator re-instated. From September the duty on a litre of fuel will be increased by 2 pence. Following that the duty will be increased every April for the next four years at a rate of one pence above indexation. Yes, that’s right, it’s going to increase above inflation for the next four years. Masquerading as a green duty, this is clearly nothing more than a way of plugging some of the holes in the government’s coffers.

But hey, it’ll be alright as we’ll all be driving around in electric cars soon – if the government are to be believed. But isn’t it the case that electric cars are exempt from road tax and will obviously be free from fuel duty? So where will Mr.Darling get his money from then?

Road pricing, that’s where. When enough of us are driving around in electric cars it will suddenly become a very important scheme for the government. You have been warned.

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