Nearly Half Of All Speed Cameras Are Switched Off

by | Jan 5, 2009 | Speed Cameras | 0 comments

If you drive regularly on the UK roads there must have been a time when you’ve spotted a speed camera at the last second, hit the brakes and waited for the tell-tale flash in the rear-view mirror.


Well, it turns out that there’s a good chance that the flash wouldn’t have gone off no matter how fast you were travelling. Police have admitted a significant number of the UK’s fixed Gatso speed cameras are switched off, having been de-activated after new regulations came into force in 2001. New criteria that were issued by the Department Of Transport meant that almost 40% of the Gatsos installed in the ’90s failed to meet the requirements and were decommissioned as a result.

The Metropolitan police have admitted that 323 cameras are no longer in action but remain by the roadside. West Midlands police have said that 32% of their cameras are switched off and 22% are off in Avon and Somerset.

Source: Daily Mail

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