Build Yourself A Lego V8

by | Sep 27, 2009 | LEGO | 0 comments

Even though the eco-mentalists have killed off the legendary Rover V8 and more manufacturers are considering dropping their V8s in favour turbocharged 6-cylinders, you could keep the V8 spirit alive by building your own – out of Lego!

Yes, if you have a degree in engineering and an enormous pile of Lego Technic you can sit down for days on end and recreate the inner workings of a V8 engine. That’s exactly what someone has done here, creating an engine that includes pumping pistons, 32 working valves, a spinning flywheel and a distributer cap that shows the timing with flashing lights. The builder, known simply as Barry from the Netherlands, estimates he’s spent about 300 hours designing and building the engine.

It’s a brilliant piece of Lego engineering, and there are even instructions if you want to try and follow in his footsteps.

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