When Good Cars Get Crushed

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I’d already decided that the scrappage scheme was going to be a bad idea for some lovely cars when I started looking at what classic hot hatches might get trashed in the quest to save the car industry, but then I saw the following picture and now I’m Mr.Angry.

Scrappage Ford Puma

Yes, that really is a Ford Puma that’s going to be squashed into a little pile of metal. Probably my favourite small coupe, the Ford Puma was (and still is) a brilliant drive. Get one with the 1.7-litre Yamaha engine and you’ve got a car that shines so much more brightly than it’s humble Fiesta components might suggest.

OK, so at ten years old this one may be past its best, might have high mileage and tired suspension, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it on the outside and I’ll bet with a bit of TLC it would still be a cracking car. What a waste.

The picture comes from a visit by Autocar to a scrapyard, where they witnessed some other perfectly serviceable cars being sent to an early grave. A Golf MkIV with barely a scratch on it, a Mazda MX-3 coupe, an old MGB GT, and plenty of other good cars.

The scrappage scheme may have allowed lots of people to rush out and buy tiny Kias and Hyundais on the cheap, but it has denied the second-hand market some quality cars.

If you’re keen to get a discounted econo-box then you’ll be pleased to hear that the the scrappage scheme might be extended, if the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) get their way. If you hate to see good cars being crushed, that might not seem like such good news.

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